I'm your Density… I mean, your Destiny!

MoreVisibility - October 18, 2007

George McFly * couldn’t have said it any better on that cool November afternoon in Hill Valley, California. Little did he know that your Density — that is, your click density, is in fact your destiny. If it’s not currently part of your web analysis, keep reading.

“Click Density” can be defined as “How Visitors are Interacting with my Website”, in a visual representation. If you’re like us here at MoreVisibility and use Google Analytics all the time, you’ll be able to use the Site Overlay report to see where visitors are clicking, and then, where they are clicking after that.

To activate this report, log-in to your Google Analytics account, open up your profile, and then click on Content >> Site Overlay. A new window will pop-up, displaying your website’s homepage, with a bar underneath each link. You can mouse over each bar to see a mini pop-up of each link’s activity.

The default bar-graph represents the number of clicks, and it’s blue. So, the more blue you see in each bar, the more clicks that particular link has accumulated, and the less blue that you see in each bar, the less clicks each link obtained. Do you see any surprises yet?

You can also change the view from “Clicks” to Transactions, Revenue, or any Goal that you’ve set up. This will allow you to see which links eventually generated the most money for your business, or the most leads.

The Site Overlay report in Google Analytics gives you a good visual of where your customers are going while on your website, and can help you determine the best course of action that you should take, in terms of optimizing your website.

*George McFly is a character from the Movie “Back to the Future”

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