Immediate Call to Action

Nydia Davis - February 11, 2010

After clicking on an ad that I’m interested in, the first thing I do is look for the keyword I searched for. When I land on a page and the product I’m looking for or the form I wish to complete is not right in front of me, I will most likely click back and bounce off the page to click on someone else’s ad.

As soon as you get a searcher on your site, you want to catch their immediate attention with a strong message and call to action. You can do this in many ways. If it’s a particular product they searched for send the traffic to that product page. The user could be a quick buyer and immediately go on to checkout.

Now say that you are a company whose online goal is to cultivate a lead. The faster the form is presented to the searcher, the greater the chance that they will complete it. If a searcher must look for your Contact Us tab to fill out a lead form, you should invest in a designated landing page for lead form. This way you can send your traffic here and your lead forms signups should increase. This can only happen when you give your searchers an immediate and relevant call to action.

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