Implement Communication Extensions to Build Your Newsletter Subscribers

Anne Garcia - October 10, 2012

Does your business offer a newsleter and would you like to increase the number of subscribers to said newsletter? Google AdWords has a sitelinks offering called Communication Extensions for advertisers to be able to build their newsletter subscriber lists. Like all other Google AdWords sitelinks, Communication Extensions enhances your existing text ads.

Communication Extensions appear underneath a standard text ad on the search engine results page (SERP) and include a form box where searchers can add their email addresses directly within the ad on the SERP without having to visit the advertiser’s web site. When a user enters his or her email address, the advertiser is charged the average cost-per-click of the ad.

The email addresses, or leads, are gathered and sent to an email address associated to the Adwords account on a daily basis and must be manually added to the advertiser’s subscription list. What’s more, if a person is logged into their Google account, their Gmail e-mail address will automatically populate into the ad and the user will only have to hit enter. However, users are able to edit the email address if they do not wish to use their Gmail account.

Advertisers can also choose to include a mandatory zip code or name field for the user to complete within the text ad. Google suggests not adding this field to prevent user drop-off.

Communication Extensions work best on Branding and lead-generation campaigns. Below is a screen shot of the Communication Extensions on

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