Implement Offer Extensions to Extend Your Ads with Relevant Offers

Anne Garcia - December 3, 2012

Google AdWords has introduced a new line of ad extensions to enable advertisers to give their customers redeemable offers like deals, rebates and coupons through paid search text ads. The ad extension called Offer Extensions are as easy to implement as Google’s other ad extensions — sitelinks, location extensions, click to call extensions and Communication ad extensions.

Text ads with offer extensions help advertisers by showing searchers their most up-to-date promotion within a paid search ad immediately after the search engine results page has finished loading.

To enable Offer Extensions advertisers must include an offer that promises discounted or free products or services to customers and must be exclusive or have limited availability. Advertisers can use coupon or redemption codes and can also offer both online and offline for advertisers who have brick and mortar locations.

Similar to other ad extensions, Offer Extensions are likely to increase the click-through rate of an ad, because the offer stands out on the SERP and adds extra real estate to text ads.

Offer Extensions is in limited release to U.S. advertisers. Below is a screenshot of a paid search ad with an Offer Extension.

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