Import Google Merchant Center Feeds Into Bing

Charlie Scholz - November 6, 2017

Through 2017, Bing has done a stellar job of releasing new products that allow advertisers to directly import campaigns from Google AdWords, as well as some unique features to their platform. My colleague, Jill, recently outlined some of their latest releases in her blog post.

This week, another new feature was released specific to shopping campaigns. You can now directly import a shopping feed from Google Merchant Center right into Bing Merchant Center. Advertisers will notice this works exactly like the import campaign feature that has been available in Bing for years.

This change is a huge help for advertisers with shopping campaigns in AdWords, but not yet Bing. With a few clicks, you can have the feed from Google in Bing, then import shopping campaigns. Previously, you had to manage the feeds separately between the platforms and link them together when trying to import.

Please keep in mind that Bing still requires verification of Webmaster Tools before you can create a Bing Merchant Center. If you have any questions on this, please reach out to the experts at MoreVisibility for assistance.

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