Incorporate SEO into your CPC Campaigns

MoreVisibility - July 19, 2007

By now, we should all know the importance of optimizing our CPC campaigns on a regular basis. With more and more competition building in Search Engine Marketing, it is important for marketers to freshen up their campaigns on a frequent basis. Incorporating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics into your cost per click advertising efforts is a great way to accomplish this.

Data collected from tools such as Google Analytics, can help you build very specific campaigns. In a time where specialized and local search programs are becoming the norm, this couldn’t be more applicable. You can refer back to traffic from organic search results to find opportunities to optimize your CPC marketing. An organic click from a specific keyword phrase in Yahoo is likely to bring in similar results from your Google or MSN paid campaigns. These words can also be incorporated into your campaign’s ad copy and help to determine the best landing pages to bring in more leads/sales.

Cost per Click advertising can also help bring in traffic where SEO cannot. Paid campaigns can provide instantaneous visibility for short-run marketing programs or seasonal initiatives.

Bottom line is that by using information based on your organic traffic, you can help to optimize your online marketing efforts for quicker and more consistent results!

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