Increasing Your Database With Facebook Lead Gen Ad

David Saenz - June 15, 2017

Are you looking to increase your email database with highly qualified users? Well look no further than the facebook lead gen ad. The facebook lead gen ad works because it combines a strong user experience with facebook’s sophisticated targeting.

Leveraging power editor, create an ad with the objective for lead gen (see image 1). From here, you can select the targeting within the ad sets. You can use your current email lists to create a lookalike audience, target users who have been to your site, or leverage any of facebook’s demo/interest/HHI/and tons of other segments to build your database from. Remember, the more targeted you get, the better quality your database will be. Don’t forget to exclude your current subscribers, you won’t want to target people who have already subscribed. You can do this by uploading your current subscribers and excluding them from your current targeting.

Once targeting is set up, you will have to create the form field. Facebook allows you to include hundreds of different fields, even custom questions (image 2) however, keeping it simple will yield the best results. Keeping it to email and full name, facebook will auto-populate the fields making it a two step process for a user to submit their information (image 3).

The final piece of this is where the data gets populated. The data will live inside your facebook publishing tools under “Lead Ads Forms.” From there, you will be able to download all of the new leads acquired through the lead gen ad. (image 4) An important part of this process is to continually update your exclusions so you aren’t targeting users who have signed up. You can do this by adding your newly acquired leads to your subscriber list and exclude those users from seeing your ad within your selected targeting.

Good luck with launching your first lead gen ad. We have increased databases substantially at the low cost of .30 per user in some cases. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team at MoreVisibility.

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