iPhone Accelerates Potential Of Mobile Marketing

MoreVisibility - July 5, 2007

The buzz is definitely out there. Everyone and their mother have probably heard of the iPhone by now. If you haven’t, then you must be living in a cave. Apple announced the launch of the iPhone in January of this year. Within the past week, news organizations have been covering all aspects of the highly anticipated cell phone. The iPhone was a hit even before it was officially released. The iPhone made its debut on June 29th, 2007 at AT&T retail and Apple stores at 6 p.m. The phone is feature-rich with a fully integrated iPod, built-in internet access with email, video capabilities, and more.

Advertisers are always trying to find a way to tap into the technology-craving demographic. The marketing and advertising landscape is rapidly changing as technology advances both offline and online. The phone’s ability to display sharp video via a built-in YouTube player will attract advertisers to the mobile marketing arena. I feel that the iPhone might be the first platform to truly make mobile advertising popular with consumers and advertisers alike. The mobile marketing community believes that the launch of the iPhone should accelerate the adoption and acceptance of mobile marketing as a monetization channel.

Do you think mobile advertising will take off because of the iPhone launch?

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