It’s Time for Your 15 Minutes of Fame

Katherine Bennett - September 15, 2010

Imagine, going online to watch a recent blockbuster movie. The play button is hit, a 15 second advertisement for your business plays and then the movie starts. That’s right your business is advertising to hundreds maybe even thousands of people, at a fraction of the cost to produce and buy airtime on cable. Is it a dream? No, you’re on YouTube.

Now, would be a good time to promote your business with video advertisements on YouTube. It’s no secret that for certain videos on You Tube there are “forced advertisements” Basically, a consumer has to watch an ad in order to a view a video. However, if you have your foot in the door now, it could pay off huge dividends in the near future. According to an AOL Daily Finance article, “Google is in talks with major movie studios about a new pay-per-view video offering based on YouTube.” This means Google through You Tube would be competing with Netflix and other video streaming vendors. If this deal goes through, then it could be expected that Google would allow its client’s (your business) to advertise before, during or even after a movie.

Already YouTube has a free video channel, which allows people to stream Hollywood movies online. The number of movies that a person can choose from is limited, but at least they can watch the movies online for free. Currently, only one 15 or 30 second ad plays before the movie starts. If Google signs the deal with Hollywood, think of how many more movies would be available to be watched on YouTube. Even better, what if a video ad for your business was played before the movie started? It’s a thrilling thought, however, a business just can’t “willy nilly” place their video advertisement in front of anyone. It is important to have a strategy. A company’s video ad should be targeted to the right demographic. If a company’s business is for computer software, it wouldn’t make sense to have an ad play right before a kid’s movie. Keep in mind that video ads may not work for everyone, but it’s worth a try, especially while the cost is low.

Right now, there are a lot of “what if’s”. However, the free Hollywood movies on YouTube are alive and well. Now would be the time for your business to test online video ads with the current selection of movies on YouTube. This would put your company in a good position if and when Google closes the pay-per-view movie deal with Hollywood. After all it’s the early investors that see the true benefits down the line.

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