Key Takeaways from Google Marketing Live 2024

Monica Simmons - May 31, 2024

At the recent Google Marketing Live event, Google unveiled a series of advancements primarily focused on integrating generative AI into various advertising tools to enhance campaign creation, targeting, and performance. Below are a few of the updates that were shared, and my personal favorites.

In-Platform Asset Creation

Google announced updates to the already existing image generation technology that advertisers can use to create compelling images for Performance Max, Demand Gen, and Display campaigns. Later this year, Google will roll out functionality to input your very own brand guidelines (including colors and fonts) to create more on-brand ads than available in the past. This is a powerful new tool that can help any brand, but especially those with limited design resources.

Performance Max Reporting Insights

While insights into Performance Max campaigns are still limited, we can expect to get a bit more data into performance in the coming months. Most notably, there will be asset-level reporting to see key conversion metrics for each creative asset to (finally) get insight into which creatives are generating conversions.

Interactive UX in Google Search Ads

Google will be testing a much more immersive user experience within search to select advertisers this year. This new experience will allow the user to search not only with text (a search query) but include photos and other “multimodal inputs” to receive tailored recommendations to the question or query the user is looking for. The example given by Google is for a user searching for short term storage and getting an AI-driven plan to find the right storage solution for them (see below).

Demand Gen Campaign Updates

Advertisers who utilize a Merchant Center account can now showcase their products with video content in Demand Gen campaigns. This works by using the brand’s product feed to automatically create animated image ads that will serve on YouTube Shorts placements.

In addition, it’s important to note that while similar audiences have been deprecated across all other Google campaign types, they are still available for use within Demand Gen campaigns. To take this a step further, Google announced that the minimum audience size for lookalike segments has been lowered to a 100-user threshold instead of the previous 1,000-user threshold.

These are just a handful of the new and exciting product updates Google has in store for advertisers, but there are many more! The full summary of announcements can be found on Google’s Support website.

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