Let Blogs Work for You

MoreVisibility - May 29, 2007

Although it is a bit ironic to write a blog about blogs, I could not refrain in this case. Many of my clients have really started to take notice of blogs, have incorporated one onto their site, or are very interested in doing so.

Let’s start with the basic definition of a blog, for those of you who are afraid to ask! Blogs, (short for web log) are defined by wikipedia as a website where entries are written in chronological order and displayed in reverse chronological order. My 92 year old Grandma actually called me the other day, wanting to know what a blog was! I was shocked that she knew enough to even ask, which prompted me to inquire where she had heard the term. She recently read an article in the Sun Sentinel, which made mention that a 7 night Carnival Cruise had been specifically created for readers of their blog, which was started by a cruise director and contains advice to future passengers, amongst other cruise related topics. Their blog has become increasingly popular, and has received over 200,000 visits in less than 3 months! Click here to view full article.

Blogs have fresh and regular content on them, which Engines love when crawling, as this helps to improve organic (free) results in the search engines, as well. The Blog can either be placed on your website or hosted offsite by a blog software host. In most instances it is preferred that the blog be placed within your domain to achieve the best results possible.

If you have not yet started a blog, you definitely should! It is just another effective way of communicating with your clients, customers and/or prospects, and is an excellent branding tool, as well.

Happy blogging

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