Leveraging Bing in SEM: Strategies for 3 Huge Opportunities

Tony Fazzini - December 30, 2015

Working with so many different companies, we often see client-created Search Engine Marketing Strategies that only utilize Google AdWords. But what about Bing? Given it’s lower market share, Bing is sometimes overlooked. While this is accurate and Google does have the lion share of the market, Bing can still offer a lot of value.

Here are three big reasons you should consider adding Bing to your SEM Strategy:

  1. Bing has a loyal audience:  Do you currently use Google for your search needs?  If so, when was the last time you tried Bing results instead of Google? I’d venture to guess almost never. This user behavior is the same with the Bing’s audience. Bing allows you to access an audience that more than likely, has never experienced your marketing initiatives the way Google users have. This is a great opportunity to expand your reach and cast a wider over a new audience you may not have otherwise reached.
  2. You’re not the only one that hasn’t considered Bing: Bing tends to be significantly cheaper than Google when it comes to cost per click (CPC) advertising. These savings can often generate revenue at a much lower cost per conversion. But keep in mind: you will not be able to gain the same volume you receive from Google due to the smaller size of Bing’s audience.
  3. Learn more about your audience: Since Bing is the default engine for Internet Explorer users (as well as Firefox now), we typically see a very specific audience that uses Bing versus Google. Traditionally, Bing users tend to be older and/or less savvy internet users. This is usually because Internet Explorer is preconfigured on new PC’s and if you’re unsure how to download new browsers or just use your machine out of the box, you are automatically on Bing. If you target this audience in any capacity, you may be missing out on a big segment!

If Bing is something you haven’t tested, 20-30% of your Google budget should be sufficient to at least test some campaigns in Bing to see if it can produce results for you. Once you begin to see success, it’s much easier to fine tune your budget and your expected conversions.

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