Leveraging Google’s Advertising Platforms to Better Target & Engage Your Audience

Serina Fignole - June 11, 2018

Over the past decade, machine learning and artificial intelligence have grown immensely. Due to this, Google’s AdWords and Advertising network have become more predictive and intelligent.

To stay ahead of the digital marketing curve, advertisers must leverage the current innovations and prepare for the new advances in audience targeting, advertising automation, and multi-touch attribution. Gain insights to help you maximize the opportunities for measurement and attribution available in Google’s toolbox in a virtual webinar from MoreVisibility.

In this webinar, experts from Google and MoreVisibility will explore how to fully close the loop on campaign performance and tap into advanced campaign attribution insights, along with:

  • Ways artificial intelligence is allowing businesses to better find and target their desired audience
  • Tips and tactics to deepen advertising personalization
  • How to accelerate connections with potential customers throughout their research and buying cycles
  • And more!

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