LinkedIn Announces New CTV Ads for B2B Marketers

Monica Simmons - May 7, 2024

Connected TV, often referred to as OTT (Over-The-Top) or streaming television, allows advertisers to reach their audience in a more targeted, personalized, and measurable manner than traditional TV advertising. LinkedIn has recently announced that they now offer CTV ad placements within their self-service advertising platform, “Campaign Manager.” This is very exciting news for B2B advertisers who now have an additional avenue to engage with the highly targeted audiences offered by LinkedIn.

LinkedIn states that their network of publishers includes Paramount, Roku, and Samsung Ads and cites that “your campaign is aligned with publishers across the LinkedIn Audience Network, which DoubleVerify measured as over 99% brand safe.”

In addition to the benefit of increasing brand awareness to your targeted audience with this new offering, there is an opportunity to reach users who have viewed their CTV video ad with additional campaigns and ad formats to build a full-funnel marketing strategy, all within LinkedIn.

One of the most significant advantages of CTV advertising is its ability to deliver highly targeted ads based on demographics, interests, and viewing behavior. LinkedIn takes this a step further with many specific targeting parameters that B2B advertisers find extremely useful, such as job titles, company names, years of experience and more.

In addition, utilizing CTV campaigns within LinkedIn provides an additional placement option to fuel a full-funnel approach. Advertisers can build separate campaigns with different messages and product/service offerings tailored to those defined audience segments. Advertisers can then retarget users who have viewed specific video ads within their CTV campaign with in-feed ads supporting the messaging from CTV ads, pushing them lower down the conversion funnel.

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