Malleable Strategy Execution Towards A Defined Goal

Syreeta Lockett - May 5, 2016

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a major goal. Strategies are necessary tools to help pinpoint a path towards the achievement of a goal. There may be times that the initial path selected may not be the only one. Issues could be discovered that changes course and new ideas may arise that would improve the outcome. It is important to remain open to changing strategy to produce the best results. Always keep in mind – the goal is fixed, the way to get there is not. So, how do you achieve the desired end result when strategy flexibility is required?

Have A Clear Well-Defined Goal

Where do you want your strategy to lead you? The most important element of a strategy is the end goal. Have a clear, well-defined goal that is finite and measurable. The goal is the driving factor for the strategy. Your well-defined goal needs to be agreed upon by multiple people and solidified before beginning the execution process. Often, strategies appear to fail because the goals/objectives weren’t outlined and agreed upon. All project stakeholders should be aware of the clearly defined goal.

Don’t Invest In A Failing Course of Action

When your team notices that strategy needs to change, it’s better to readdress strategy than to continue on a course of action than won’t lead to your desirable end result. Flexibility is key, and should remain a constant practice for all future projects and business efforts. The goal shouldn’t change, the strategy should. The ability to admit that a solution is not working could save a lot of time and money. Reputation and ego are less important than achievement. Be able to change, as needed, by keeping the goal as the most important component of any project.

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