Google Partnered With Nintendo to Bring ‘Mario Kart’ to Google Maps

Serina Fignole - March 16, 2018

For as long as we can remember, Google has been hiding fun and engaging “Easter Eggs” all over its platforms for attentive users to find. Some of these “Easter Eggs” include entertaining animations and games that work throughout the year. On the other hand, others are seasonal or can be seen/used only for a limited time.

We recently discovered that Google has partnered with the tech giant, Nintendo, to bring Mario Kart to the Google Maps mobile app. To activate Mario, make sure you’re using the most updated version of the Google Maps mobile app. Next, when navigating in the app with driving directions, there should be a “?” icon in the bottom, right corner of the screen. Select the icon and Mario appears, ready to guide you anywhere.

When the “Easter Egg” was first release many reported that it will be available throughout the week of March 10, 2018. However, in true Google fashion, they haven’t confirmed exactly when it will be removed from the Google Maps mobile app.


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