Matching Your Pay-per-Click Campaigns and Your Website

Gerard Tollefsen - June 19, 2009

No matter how developed and well managed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is, your website (or landing page) must match the message and value proposition associated with that campaign.  You can drive the most targeted visitors possible through a strong PPC campaign but if your website cannot deliver on the message from the PPC ads, you will miss out on customers.  In addition, site usability plays a large role.

I have been working with a client for about a year and a half on their PPC campaigns and was constantly persuading them to re-design their website.  I had always felt that our campaign results were being hindered because their site wasn’t user friendly and didn’t match up with what they wanted to promote through PPC.  We developed a targeted campaign and managed that campaign closely for many months.  My client was happy with the overall results but I continued to feel we could do better if their website was improved.  Finally, they decided to re-design the site and chose MoreVisibility for the task.  We had a unique advantage in re-designing the website because we were so familiar with their products and services after managing their PPC campaigns for over a year.

The new website has been live for about a month and the increased productivity of our PPC campaigns cannot be overstated.  We only had to make a few minor tweaks to ad copy and keywords in order to match up the message between the new site and the updated PPC campaign.  In the previous 30 days (just prior to launch) we had 77 conversions from our PPC campaign.  For the same time frame, with the new site and updated campaign we had 118 conversions, an increase of 53%.  In addition, my client’s most important conversion metric (New Quote Requests) had an increase of 106%.  These are powerful reminders that where you drive the traffic (website or landing page) from your PPC campaign is just as important as the keywords you select, the ad copy you develop, and your overall campaign strategy.

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