Measuring Top vs. Side Ad Performance

Emily MacNair - July 22, 2011

We all know that some ads receive more clicks than others depending on their position on the search results page. But until just recently, analyzing this information was a bit difficult.  On July 13th, AdWords introduced a new reporting method that enables advertisers to view metrics for their ads when they show at the top of the search results and when they show to the side of the search results. To view this information, click on “Segment” and then select the “Top vs. Side” option.  Here you will see metrics separated for your top and side ads. The metrics include clicks, impressions, CTR, Average CPC, Cost, etc.

Measuring Top vs. Side Ad Performance

In addition to Google top and side ads being included in this report, it also includes an “other” bucket as well. This “other” bucket will include metrics for other ad formats, such as Product listings, that don’t conform to the top and side positions. Other test ads by Google may be reported here as well.

When you apply this new segment, you will also see data from ads run on Google’s search partners.  It will show metrics for search partners’ top ads, and then everything else will be included in an “other” bucket.  This is simply due to the fact that Search partners show ads in a different manner, and “side ads” may not always be the best description for those. Lastly, the report also includes Google Display Network ads and associated metrics.

If you haven’t already, take the time to review where your ads convert best and make necessary adjustments to ensure you’re maximizing your visibility on Google, their search partners, and the Display Network.

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