Microsoft adCenter Adds New URL by Match Type Functionality

Anne Garcia - July 12, 2012

Microsoft adCenter is allowing its advertisers to have more control and visibility to keyword match type performance by releasing a new functionality called URL by Match Type. The new feature allows advertisers to manage each destination URL by match type independently. In the past, all keyword match types — broad, phrase and exact — were represented through the one keyword. The new URL by Match Type functionality allows all keywords and match type combinations to be separated to in order to better gauge performance.

The search engine says that with URL by Match Type, advertisers will have improved keyword by match type optimization and more specific management where you can have a unique destination URL for each separate match type. In addition, advertisers will have the ability to pause individual match types for a particular keyword. It will also offer a better user experience that is similar to Google AdWords along with more robust and precise campaign data importing capabilities.

Microsoft adCenter has already started to roll out the new feature to its advertisers and it should be complete by the end of this summer. The network says that while your account is migrating to the new functionality, access to your adCenter account will be suspended for up to 12 hours, depending on account size and breadth of keywords.

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