Microsoft adCenter Introduces Agency Enablement

Anne Garcia - August 17, 2012

Microsoft adCenter continues to release new updates to make its advertising platform easier to use for search engine marketers. The MSN/Yahoo platform recently announced that its interface has been updated to enable advertisers to change or add agencies without losing their account history. In the past, advertisers on adCenter were unable to transfer accounts from one agency to another, similar to Google AdWords, and agencies had to start from scratch by creating new accounts for each advertiser.

Microsoft Advertising is calling this new feature Agency Enablement and says that it will now make it possible for agencies to link or unlink client accounts, eliminating the need to create new users or accounts when a new agency starts to manage a new client with an existing adCenter account. Doing so will keep campaign history to better improve optimization as well as maintain account history and performance on hand. In addition, Microsoft says that this will give more control and flexibility over billing preferences with the ability to easily edit the bill-to option so that agencies can manage client invoices.

The network says that in order to use this new feature, you must be using adCenter’s new agency management model. To do so, some agencies may need to upgrade and unlink from current clients’ accounts and re-link by sending your clients invitations to connect.

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