Microsoft Advertising Introduces Video Extensions

Jill Goldstein - August 19, 2021

With new elements regularly added to the search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s sometimes hard to stand out among all the content. Even if your ad is at the top of the page, there are shopping ads, knowledge graphs, answer boxes, etc. vying for customer’s clicks. Microsoft has recently introduced Video Extensions to catch searchers attention.

Available on both desktop and mobile devices, Video Extensions are a fantastic way to provide rich content alongside your ads. See below for an example of how they appear. When clicked, the video will open as an overlay with a customizable button which will take users to a landing page of choice.

What you need to add Video Extensions to your campaign

Other Important Details

  • Video extensions can show with other ad extensions
  • You will be charged per click and the same amount as other ad clicks
  • Video Length is between 6 and 120 seconds
  • Recommended file formats are MPEG-2, MP4 or MOV. However, most other formats are accepted
  • Aspect ratio should be in the range from 16:9 to 9:16
  • Resolution should be as high as possible. 720×720 is recommended
  • Max file size for uploaded videos is 10 GB

If you are a MoreVisibility client and would like more information about Video Extensions with Microsoft Advertising, contact your Client Strategist. If you are not a MoreVisibility client and would like additional information, please contact the experts at MoreVisibility.

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