Mobile Advertising- A Quick Update

MoreVisibility - May 6, 2008

We have all been hearing the rumblings about mobile ads for the past few years, but where is mobile advertising today? Has this new channel really started to show its true potential as a viable source of traffic yet?

Whether texting, looking up the basketball scores or scanning the latest news, we are all spending more and more time on our phones. Many professionals have now traded their regular mobiles for the latest version, high-tech PDAs. So is it possible that we have been hit with advertisements and just not seen them?

Currently a $1-billion dollar marketing channel, accounting for just .2% of all advertising, EMarketer is now estimating mobile ad spend to grow to over $19 billion in just four years!

This means that the channel is really an un-tapped area for many merchants and should be tested now, while costs are just a fraction of ‘traditional’ Internet ads. Advertisers can choose to create specific mobile campaigns that target a certain demographic, just as you can with search. Further, search engines continue to grow their mobile capabilities, including mapping, GPS, and advertisement all in one!

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