Opening Day Thoughts

MoreVisibility - March 9, 2010

It was opening day this past weekend for Little League baseball here in Boca Raton, FL, the weather cooperated and we had a great weekend of games.  We were treated to a very close hard fought game with lots of strike outs on each side.  A few of the pre-season practices had to be cancelled due to weather, so I was not surprised by the high number of strikeouts.  As the teams get more at bats, the hits will begin to ramp up as the strikeouts decrease. I thought it was interesting that a parent was utilizing an iPhone app to perform the score keeping for the home team, no more worries if you break your pencil lead. Smart phones and their apps are everywhere and as they continue to grow in number so too will the advertising opportunities.

Mobile advertising will also be ramping up rapidly and 2010 should be the year you begin laying your foundation by getting a .mobi or using a sub-domain for your mobile friendly site. We here at MoreVisibility have the experts and experience to accomplish this task, freeing you up to manage your day to day schedule, visit our “going mobile” content today if you need assistance. The reason we will experience rapid advances in mobile advertising is due to the advances in network speed and infrastructure, the cloud and the maturity of the devices and their adoption in our daily lives. Smart phones are a very personal piece of ones life and store loads of information; we have all our contacts and our appointments as well as pictures and music in them and we always have them with us. The location of your phone is also known and available to the mobile advertisers, which will better aid them in providing the correct content at the right time.

We know Google is putting resources and emphasis toward mobile advertising via Eric Schmidt’s comments from Mobile World Congress 2010 keynote speech this past February, where he proclaimed “Mobile first”. Google will be assisting the mobile consumers to locate goods or services, via voice recognized search and image search, Google Goggles . The potential for success with your mobile advertising dollars has never looked better.

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