Mobile AdWords Ads Mirror Desktop Ads

- June 15, 2011

Google AdWords has extended its Ad Extensions from desktop to mobile devices to help strengthen mobile AdWords campaigns. See what new features your mobile campaigns can implement to bring more qualified traffic to your mobile sites.

Location Extensions are a way that searchers can easily connect with your products and services when your business has multiple locations. They help raise awareness for a customer who may be physically close enough to visit your brick and mortar location. In addition to your ad text and URL is your business information, which may include your business name, address and phone number. Users may even click on a plus box to extend your ad to show your business’ location on a map.

Mobile AdWords Ads Mirror Desktop Ads

Product Extensions work with your Google Merchant Center account to include your products directly in your search ads. Product Extensions appear as boxed images of your products, with a brief product description and price. They can appear as a plus box underneath a standard AdWords ad or as a stand-alone ad.

Mobile AdWords Ads Mirror Desktop Ads

Also, now available for mobile devices is Instant Preview of landing pages, where you can easily preview the landing page of an ad before you click-through. Generally, Google Instant Previews highlight the relevant sections based on the user’s search query. This feature allows the searcher to quickly compare results on a SERP page and choose a result that best fits  his/her query.

Mobile AdWords Ads Mirror Desktop Ads

These Ad Extensions perform well on a regular desktop, and I recommend implementing these new tools from Google AdWords to maximize your mobile campaign results, while bringing more qualified traffic to both your online and offline stores.

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