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September 20 2012

5 Reasons to Use Mobile Advertising


Did you know that internet searches on mobile devices have grown 4x since 2010? (1 Google Internal Data)  With the launch of the iPhone 5 last week and the Nexus 7 Google Play tablet the week before, the mobile industry shows no sign of slowing down.   Whether you are just looking to increase brand recognition or to sales, competing in mobile advertising is vital.
Here are 5 reasons why you should utilize mobile pay per click advertising:

  1. Mobile Specific Ad Copy.  With a mobile advertising campaign you can customize your ad copy with mobile specific call to actions, such as “Request a quote from your phone,” that will appeal to mobile users.  Google research shows that mobile-only campaigns help drive an 11.5% increase in mobile click through rates and a 29% increase in mobile clicks, which in turn increases ROI.
  2. Target Specific Mobile Devices.  With mobile device targeting, you can modify your advertising to specific devices and phone carriers.    This is tremendously helpful for advertisers who build mobile websites on specific operating systems or mobile apps built on a particular platform.
  3. Make It Easy For Customers To Connect.  With the mobile click-to-call ad extension feature, ads that include this feature have experienced 6 — 8% increased click through rates according to Google.  In addition, you are more likely to get a qualified lead and a customer to buy when they call your business directly from your mobile ad.
  4. Have a Mobile App?  Use mobile app extensions to link ads directly to your App Store page on either Google Play or iTunes.  This allows customers to download your mobile app instantly.
  5. Diversified Ad Formats.  Advertisers can still use rich media image and video ad formats on mobile devices.  There are many options available in the way you advertise on mobile devices such as interactive clickable video ads or image banners ads.

Improve your advertising performance and build a better brand by utilizing mobile advertising for your business.

July 18 2012

Google Shopping Now Available on Mobile and Tablet Devices


Google AdWords recently began to transition its Merchant Center platform to a paid model called Google Shopping at the end of June. The shift is expected to be complete by the end of October and the search engine has advised merchants to set up Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns in order to remain visible within the Google Shopping network. Now Google has announced that Google Shopping will be available for both smartphones and tablets in the United States (note that the Merchant Center transition only occurred within the U.S.).

Google says that these new devices will help businesses reach customers while they are shopping.  Indeed, many consumers use mobile devices to research upcoming purchases as well as utilize these devices as price comparison tools within brick and mortar locations. Google Shopping for mobile and tablet devices will make it easier for customers to find and compare different products, just like on desktop computers. In addition, the product images give shoppers quick visual comparisons while shopping various products. Tablet devices will have search refinements which will help filter by brands, features and pricing so shoppers have a better experience and find what they are looking for easily.

To target mobile and tablet devices, in the Settings tab of your PLA campaign, make sure that you select to target mobile and tablet devices with full browsers.

May 22 2012

Link Your Google Paid Search Mobile Ad to Your Mobile App


Google AdWords has made it easy for advertisers to promote their mobile application with a new Ad Extension called the Mobile App extension. In the past, Google has extended its Ad Extensions from desktop to mobile devices, but this new extension will streamline the ability for advertisers to grow mobile application downloads and users.   With the Mobile App extension, visitors are able to download an advertiser’s mobile app directly from a paid search link extension and are still able to click through to the advertiser’s main site through the headline.

Please note that only one mobile app extension can be displayed per text ad, unlike ad sitelinks where up to four links can be added to a text ad.  Also, note that Mobile App Extensions are not yet available for tablet devices.
To add a Mobile App Extension, in the Campaigns tab of your AdWords account, select the Ad extension tab. Select “+ New Extensions” and choose the campaign you’d like to enable the extension and select “Mobile app extension.”

Please note that your mobile application must be available within an app store like Google Play or the Apple App Store. Then, select the operating system of your mobile app and you will be prompted to add the Android Package Name or iOS App ID of your mobile app. Enter the text link you would like potential users to see, as well as the URL of the link where users can download your app from the app store.

Google says that Beta participants saw a 6% lift in CTR for campaigns using Mobile App extensions, compared to control campaigns.

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