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January 30 2012

Mobile in AdWords


When creating a mobile campaign in AdWords, it is important to approach it the same way any new campaign should be approached. By this, I mean that you should separate your campaigns and create one that targets exclusively mobile devices.

Mobile in AdWords

From a network perspective, just like with any other campaign, you can target both the Search and Content networks. Also, we recommend having a separate campaign for each network.

Mobile in AdWords

However, you don’t have to target both Networks. Obviously, by targeting both networks you will have a bigger audience to reach, In the end, it all depends on your strategy and what you are trying to accomplish by going mobile- or by getting mobilized as I like to call it. With the Search network, you can have great features such as click to call on your ads. While in the Content Network you are still able to display banners on sites that relate to your business.

Another nice feature when creating your mobile device campaign is the option to get granular as far as mobile devices and carriers. For example, if you are a retailer and you sell iPhone accessories, you might want to target only iPhones. You do this by checking the “iPhone/iPod Touch” checkbox under the “Advanced device and carrier options” section. In this scenario a good idea would be to also target carriers that provide iPhone services. You can do this by checking the different carriers options provided under the “Carriers” section,

Mobile in AdWords

Once you have your campaigns created, remember to analyze your data and optimize based on performance.

January 26 2012

Are you mobilized


If you follow the trends of digital marketing you know that targeting mobile devices is really hot at the moment. Everybody talks about mobile campaigns and how fast mobile is growing. For these same reasons, I will show you a practical approach to mobile marketing or as I like to call it — to get mobilized.

Before going too far into getting mobilized you should check your traffic to see how many visitors you get every week via mobile devices, and then compare these numbers to your total amount of visitors. Monitor how they move through your site. By gathering this data, you will be better to assess if going mobile is the right choice for you.

The strategy you set will depend on what you want to accomplish. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do I want to be mobilized in order to drive sales through mobile devices?
  • Do I want to increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to my site?
  • Do I want to increase the number of calls I receive?
  • Am I going to be using a mobile application and is my goal to generate downloads?

By answering these questions you will be able to prioritize the objectives of your mobile campaign; which will help you implement the right strategy.

If you are thinking about directing mobile traffic to your desktop site, you might want to reconsider and invest in a mobile site instead. Even with the best smartphone your desktop site might look too busy and may be hard to navigate. Believe me, there is nothing worse than putting together a great campaign only to send traffic to a page where the user will get frustrated due to a poor experience. Optimize your landing pages and make sure they are mobile friendly. Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to convert on your goals.

From here, it is just a matter of setting up your AdWords campaigns and following their best practices.
Once you are mobilized, remember to track and analyze your mobile data to measure the effectiveness of your new efforts.

January 10 2012

Conversions from Unexpected Devices


When most clients think of paid search conversions, they think of searchers who are using computers and laptops. However, paid search conversions can also come from mobile devices and tablets.  It would behoove businesses to do a device assessment of their campaigns to see the true source of conversions.

Most companies are taught to ask which campaigns and keywords are converting and which ones are converting at the best cost/conversion. Yet many should consider asking which devices are bringing in these conversions. This was not a question that companies needed to ask a few years ago, because mobile devices and tablets weren’t as heavily used as they are now. However, times have changed and the results bare witness.  Let’s say for example that a particular campaign produced 20 conversions in the month of December at a cost/conversion of $5.00. If the keywords and ad copy have good click through rates it may seem as if that particular campaign is well tuned. However, a deeper analysis may show that 15 of those 20 conversions came from mobile devices.  Now what? Break out that one campaign into two separate campaigns. Why? In order to capitalize on the conversions even more.

When a campaign is targeting all media devices, then no one device is truly being tested. However, if you create a version of the campaign that is only targeted to mobile devices and one that is targeted to laptops and computers, it then gives each device an opportunity to show its true potential. One may find that certain campaigns convert better on mobile devices than they do on computers and laptops.

 In the world of paid search, it’s all about testing and making adjustments. Take the time to find out how your campaigns perform on mobile devices. It might be an unexpected surprise to find that mobile devices and tablets are giving your company a better bang for your buck.

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