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October 20 2011

M-Commerce- Is Your Business In On The Action?


Recently, I watched a commercial where a waiter brought the bill to an individual who was eating dinner with several people.  The individual told everyone how much they owed and. immediately, everyone at the table, except for one, whipped out their cell phones and began to transfer money to this person’s bank account to cover their portion of the bill. It just goes to show that mobile devices are here to stay, at least for now. As technology advances, businesses have to adopt to new ways to reach people and one of these ways is through m-commerce.

M-commerce also known as mobile commerce, according to eHow “is the buying and selling of goods and services through the use of hand-held devices such as mobile phones or PDAs.  This form of buying is known as next generation e-commerce and it’s conducted by allowing users to access the Internet without a computer connection, “ For right now, m-commerce in most circles also includes tablet and iPad shoppers. The beauty of m-commerce is that a person is capable of shopping online just about anywhere.

Many businesses are missing the boat by not having a mobile friendly website.  A mobile friendly website not only reaches cell phone users, but it can also reach tablet users. An article by e-marketer states,  “According to Ipsos, tablet owners shop via mobile devices on a more frequent basis and spend more than smartphone owners.” Keeping this in mind. Businesses who don’t have mobile friendly sites are missing out on some of the action. In fact, the article went on to say that dual owners, “those who own both tablet and smartpone devices,” spend more than those who only own smartphones.  Businesses with ecommerce sites can truly benefit by creating a mobile version of their site .Think about how many more sales could be received by businesses who sell things online if they created a mobile friendly website? 

There are new tablets and smartphones on the market just about every day and eventually desktop computers may become obsolete. In order to stay current and get in on mobile commerce, businesses have to be willing to quickly adapt to technology changes.

August 17 2011

Mobile Audio Ads Are Always On the Move


Have you ever heard a song playing at the mall or in an elevator and a few minutes later that song was playing in your head?  Your focus wasn’t on the song, yet you still remembered it.  Hearing is a powerful tool that companies can use to their advantage. How? Companies can run mobile audio ads on internet radio to reach their target audience.

Mobile audio ads target consumers as they are going about their daily activities listening to music on their mobile devices.  Although mobile audio ads sound like traditional radio ads, the difference is that mobile audio ads play on internet radio which gives them key advantages over traditional radio ads.

  1. Mobility– Mobile audio ads can go where the users go. Most people take their cell phones everywhere and use their device as a music player.  For advertisers, there is an opportunity to reach people in places where traditional radio ads couldn’t reach them. For example: someone mowing their lawn, getting their car serviced, waiting in line at a store, etc., can be reached while they are listening to their mobile device.
  2. Demographic Targeting– Many internet radio providers have users sign-up for an account. Thus, companies can target listeners by demographics such as age, gender and location. Traditional radio can only assume the demographic of their listeners, since their listener don’t have to sign-in to listen to a station.
  3. Greater Reach and Versatility– Along with demographic targeting, advertisers are able to run on different radio stations. If an advertiser is focused on reaching a certain audience, then they can contract a media buy to reach that demographic no matter what station or what type of music they are listening too. This gives companies greater reach and gives them the opportunity to be heard by potential new customers, while reaching their target demographic.

Mobility, demographic targeting, greater reach and versatility are only a few of the advantages of experimenting with mobile ads on internet radio.  It’s worth a try, if your company is looking to expand upon its current internet marketing efforts.

August 15 2011

QR, NFC and Smart Phones


I received an email message that CommScore reported 14 million United States users scanned a QR code in the month of June.  This begs the question, what are folks doing to leverage QR in their business?  We continue to see the reports that smart phone shipments are outpacing PC shipments; it becomes when not if they overtake the number of PCs.  All of these smart phones present opportunities for keeping your customers engaged, which means at a minimum one must have a mobile-friendly web site and content specifically developed for the growing number of smart phone users.

I think the US lags behind Asia and Europe in harnessing the marketing power of QR.  I expect we will see more uses for QR, which will shortly morph into near field communication (NFC), by advertisers in ways that continue to improve quality of service and communication with their audience.  For instance in Asia, one can scan a QR whilst commuting to work in the morning, and upon returning home that evening the product, will be at their door ready for use in the evenings dinner.  Other examples I have found include embedding a QR/Chip into monuments for our departed to be remembered in a multi-media format.  Headstone maker’s need only embed an inexpensive chip into the stone/vase/niche.  If you have been to a museum in the past year, you have probably experienced this technology at work, when you scan and listen to the art history.  Disney World’s Epcot even used this technology to allow children to engage in an episode of Kim-Possible, while mom and dad make their happy hour pub crawl through the world show case, brilliant.

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