One Size Does Not Fit All

MoreVisibility - August 14, 2008

In the world of search engine marketing, the phrase “one size does not fit all” definitely applies. Some companies tend to try to mimic other companies, when everyone’s search engine cpc marketing strategy ought to be tailored for their particular business. Let’s start with keywords.
When compiling keywords every company shouldn’t use the same type of keywords. Some companies can use one word keywords and set them on “broad match” because their product(s) and or service(s) are so niche. For example: When is the last time you looked up the word “biosimulation;” probably never. On the flip side a child adoption agency would want to use a keyword phrase such as “Chinese child adoption” instead of the word “adoption.” They would use a specific keyword phrase, otherwise people looking to adopt a street, a dog, or even a tree may click on their paid ad causing unwanted, non-converting clicks to their business. Next is cpc bid strategy..
Cpc bid strategy also known as cost per click won’t be the same for every company.  Companies need to realize that the online competition in every industry is different. In the marketing industry the keyword phrase “internet marketing” would cost between a $6 and $7 cpc for positions 1-3 in some search engines. Whereas a keyword phrase, such as “apartment sofa” would be estimated to cost a $1 cpc for positions 1-3.
Remember just like “one size does not fit all” one keyword type or one cpc model doesn’t fit all businesses either.

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