Organic Holiday Campaigns

MoreVisibility - December 13, 2007

As the holidays approach, many companies turn to their pay-per-click campaigns for seasonal keywords. Because PPC advertisements are designed to appear in the sponsored listings whenever selected keywords are entered by users, bids for competitive phrases can be costly. Creating a corresponding organic campaign can help to support these PPC efforts.

Most companies fail to realize that the holiday season can be the ideal time to add content to your website. Although the results may not be as immediate as with pay-per-click, organic rankings can provide you with a more qualified source of traffic. Furthermore, companies which show up in both paid and natural search results can seem more reliable to users.

Now is the time to create new pages for your site, targeted to seasonal keywords which are relevant to your products and services. Concentrate on the keywords which would be the most valuable to your specific industry, such as: ‘Lawn Service Holiday Specials’, ‘Holiday Beauty Tips’, or ‘Gifts Under $20’. If designed effectively, these pages can be updated throughout the months to accommodate seasonal changes.

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