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Digital Advertising is a rapidly changing field rife with opportunities, but it takes expertise and experience to run optimal campaigns. When engaging in Paid Digital, such as paid search, display media, social media advertising and remarketing, it’s extremely important that your efforts are backed by knowledge and strategy. Here, our Digital Advertising experts provide the tips and information you can use to improve your campaigns, and your ROI. To stay up to date on our search engine marketing blog, subscribe to our feed.

October 9 2020

The Video Campaign That Blew Me Away

by Jill Goldstein

Back in May, I gave you five reasons why you should be using YouTube advertising right now. The #1 reason was that people are consuming more content now than ever before. As a mom to a young toddler who’s working from home (WFH), I can tell you that my YouTube consumption has exponentially increased.

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October 5 2020

2020 Holiday Forecasts, Trends & Tips

by Jill Goldstein

There is no doubt that the holiday shopping season will look different this year. COVID-19 has caused a major shift in how consumers purchase their everyday necessities, let alone retail items. Between safety concerns and store closures, there has been a shift to online buying. According to eMarketer, analysts predict approximately 150 million new shoppers worldwide will be buying online in 2020. What does this mean for the 2020 holiday season? How should you shift your marketing strategy to capture the increased search volume and make this your best holiday season yet? Let’s find out.

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September 10 2020

Google Ads Reduces Visibility in Search Terms Report

by Max Braglia

The Google Ads Keyword Search Terms report is a valuable tool that paid keyword search advertisers use often as a way to determine if the keywords that are triggering ads to show in are effective in driving qualified traffic to their website.

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