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March 23 2007

What Does The Future Hold for Mobile Search?


I recently encountered a good article summarizing the mobile search experience, its challenges and the problems advertisers face when turning to mobile advertising. Mobile devices are used more and more throughout the US and worldwide for business purposes. People access their emails, get news, weather and sports updates, and some surf the net on the go. Google and Yahoo have already introduced and operate email clients suitable for mobile devices, and the major search engines offer mobile customized search versions.
But is mobile search really convenient?

Mobile search tools are constantly being evaluated, experimented with and developed in order to expand the network of users and advertisers, and make the Mobile advertising a legitimate market. 3 major obstacles are currently a “bone in the neck” for those wishing to boost the mobile advertising start up:
1) What type of results should be returned for a search query?
2) How should a user’s location be determined?
and most challenging:
3) How to deal with the limitation of a small display screen?

The answers are still not clear. Returning search results may not be difficult to resolve, but the question remains how many results to return without requiring the user to scroll? MSN has an advertising model called “pay per call” which appears to be suitable for mobile phones. To date, there doesn’t appear to be any other paid search advertising programs for mobile search.

In the future we are more likely to see mobile versions of websites and potentially online advertisements that are interactive and allow actions such as ordering products and/or services. As of now, the market is still in its infancy and may not be a profitable venue for internet marketers, but who knows what the future holds?

For the article:

March 22 2007



Google sites made up 48.1% of the US search market in February, up 0.6 share points from the month before, maintaining its first place ranking, according to comScore. Followed by Yahoo, capturing 28.1% of US searches, and Microsoft sites that accounted for 10.5%.
March 21 2007

The Google Phone is Coming


Google has been offering various applications for mobile devices, but it looks like they are about to get much more involved with the mobile industry. For months, there has been speculation that Google will enter the mobile phone arena, and now it looks like a reality — Google Exec confirms phone in the labs

Mobile Maps, Mobile email, and Mobile Search have been gaining traction recently, and Google’s entry into the mobile phone arena should only speed up the adoption of these newer technologies with the masses. In addition, Google will be sure to strike partnerships with mobile carriers, which should help to price the unit affordably.

Google’s decision to develop a mobile phone further validates the huge potential the Mobile Industry offers for online marketers.

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