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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a rapidly changing field rife with opportunities, but it takes expertise and experience to run optimal interactive advertising campaigns. When engaging in digital advertising, such as paid search, display media, social media advertising and remarketing, it's extremely important that your efforts are backed by knowledge and strategy. Here, our SEM experts provide the tips and information you can use to improve your campaigns, and your ROI. To stay up to date on our search engine marketing blog, subscribe to our feed.

August 21 2018

Local Conversion Actions


For those of you with brick and mortar stores (and using Google My Business listings), you may have recently noticed some additions in your conversion actions. Local conversion actions (below) count actions (such as directions clicks or click to calls) that are specific to an advertiser’s physical location either during or after interacting with their ad.

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July 31 2018

The Difference Between Amazon Vendors and Sellers


By now, we all know that when it comes to eCommerce, Amazon is king. As either an Amazon Vendor or an Amazon Seller, Brands can reach consumers 24/7 with the right advertising strategy. However, a common question we receive is “what is the difference between a Vendor and Seller?” or “How do I know what my company is eligible to become on Amazon?”.

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July 30 2018

The Importance of Bidding on Brand Keywords


To bid or not to bid, that is the question…

If I had a dollar for every client who objected to, or at least questioned the reason for bidding on brand keywords, I would be one rich woman! As of late, I’ve had this conversation with a variety of clients. The main argument of course is, “why should I pay to show on my branded terms when I rank first organically?” There are many reasons why you should be in the top paid slot on the SERPs for brand searches, however today I’m going to focus on the most important one.

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