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Search engine marketing (SEM) is a rapidly changing field rife with opportunities, but it takes expertise and experience to run optimal interactive advertising campaigns. When engaging in digital advertising, such as paid search, display media, social media advertising and remarketing, it's extremely important that your efforts are backed by knowledge and strategy. Here, our SEM experts provide the tips and information you can use to improve your campaigns, and your ROI. To stay up to date on our search engine marketing blog, subscribe to our feed.

June 15 2017

Increasing Your Database With Facebook Lead Gen Ad


Are you looking to increase your email database with highly qualified users? Well look no further than the facebook lead gen ad. The facebook lead gen ad works because it combines a strong user experience with facebook’s sophisticated targeting.

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June 12 2017

Maximize Conversions – The Newest Google AdWords Automated Bidding Strategy


Google recently announced a new Smart Bidding strategy in AdWords, Maximize Conversions. According to Google, “the new bidding strategy will automatically set the right bid for each auction to help you get the most conversions within your daily budget.” Keep in mind, Maximize Conversions is only concerned with conversion volume. That said, this may not be the best bidding strategy for ecommerce clients (as it does not take into account metrics such as revenue or average order value), however those purely interested in lead generation should be all over this.

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June 7 2017

AdWords Releases New Metrics for Quality Score


 Advertisers have always been able to refer to the quality score of an ad in Google AdWords to see how the engine ranks your ads. With a ranking of 1-10 (with 10 being the best), you can see how AdWords feels your ad and landing page resonate with one another and your keywords. What hasn’t always been clear is how the Quality Score is determined. However, Google added new Quality Score reporting columns in May that provide a bit more clarification on what makes up the score.

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