Podcasting – The TiVo for Internet Audio

MoreVisibility - July 24, 2007

According to www.podcastingnews.com, podcasting has been described as the TiVo for Internet audio, because it lets users save content digitally, and replay it at their convenience. You can listen to events and radio news whenever the time is right for you. Podcasting are MP3 files that are downloaded to your PC and can be played as many times as desired. In other words, podcasting is one of the newest on-the-go technologies.

The company publishes these audio files with RSS feeds allowing audio content to be displayed throughout the web. There are specialty directories and search engines you can publish your podcasts on, spreading the exposure of your information and your website. This is an additional social media marketing component that will enhance your online presence. A Podcast is one of the newest endeavors that maybe your competitors haven’t thought about yet.

An analyst report, published by eMarketer in February of 2007, noted that “Podcasting remains a niche-marketing channel, it’s distribution and viewing mechanisms are proliferating. Podcast advertising spending will grow tenfold in the next 5 years.”

Podcasting is not the right venue for all industries and all types of sites. If you have education or corporate news to bring to potential clients, you might consider podcasting since people don’t have necessarily the time to read, but can listen.

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