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Alexandra Hagler - August 24, 2010

In today’s economy, consumers are being more price conscious than ever, going the extra mile to research and find a reputable company with the right price for a specific product.

Advertisers want to place their product in front of consumers and have an ad/product that stands out. Shopping feeds, which provide another opportunity for advertisers, fall in the pay-per-click category of advertising.

Advertisers can chose as many or as few of these shopping feeds they would like. Below are a few benefits of using shopping feeds.

  1. More Automation— When you upload your products to eCommerce sites, the photos will be adjusted in the feed based on the amount in stock. The cost of shipping calculated and price will be displayed as well.  When you make updates to your product feed, the shopping engine will automatically update the information to display. You can set the frequency of updates to the engine daily or at an interval you decide.
  2. More Visibility — Your product will appear next to other products and be more visible, where consumers may have not noticed your product(s) from the others in PPC Results.
  3. Targeted Leads — Also, research shows that consumers using, shopping feeds are more educated on the product and are in the final stages of making their decision.

Below are a few features of shopping feeds:

Keyword Bidding: Advertisers are now able to bid on specific keywords for their products.
Product Pricing: Advertisers can have specifications on what products will show. For example, they can omit products under $10 from showing in search results.

Below are two examples of Google searches.  The second image shows a more refined search. You can see how the search results change as the searcher narrows their search query.

Google Searches Example

Google Searches Refined

Each shopping engine may be manually monitored by you, or there are also vendors that provide one upload portal. Vendors will often format the feeds for each specific search engine.

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