Redesign With A Mission For Success

MoreVisibility - January 8, 2007

A website redesign where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been an essential ingredient from the very beginning will outperform in terms of search engine visibility when compared to a website redesign where SEO has been included as a last step. If a redesign is guided through the SEO lens, success will be envisioned because it is not only a time-saving strategy, but also a cost-effective one

Still, it’s typical for clients that come to us say that they would like to consider SEO now since their site is almost ready to be launched. This is puzzling to me. They’ve already spent a significant amount of money in redesign and never included SEO in that budget? Now, they want to budget for SEO after their money for the project is almost gone, or the redesign is nearly complete.

What are the consequences of the previous situation? Well, there are several, but the essence remains in having redesigned for look and feel without taking into consideration that this beautiful website may not be found prominently in the search engines.

When you’re about to unleash a site redesign, your to-do list probably appears endless. Considering SEO is as important as the design itself, and the graphics, you may incur additional costs to optimize later on if the site is not search engine friendly.

A properly redesigned website will attract new visitors to your products or services and the search engines will be able to promptly and properly index your content. Be proactive; think ahead of the game by including SEO in your redesign from the start. Otherwise, you’re headed into a backwards approach that will end up being more costly and delay your opportunity to gain strong natural rankings.

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