Remarketing Ads- The Perfect Reminder

Katherine Bennett - September 13, 2011

Have you ever been on a website and gotten distracted?  Although you intended to go back and complete an order, you just never got around to it. What if you had received a reminder to return to that website and complete your task? That reminder is available and it’s called remarketing ads.

Remarketing ads keep your company top of mind to people who have already visited your site. Remarketing is flexible because your business can determine how subtle or blunt your ads can be. The beauty is that your business decides who they want to reach based on the pages that people have visited on your website. For example, if someone went to your site and placed an item in their shopping cart, but didn’t purchase, your business could choose to target those people with an ad that says, “Free shipping on all orders.” In fact, your business could even offer that person a discount if they come back and buy.

Remarketing ads have proven to be a viable weapon for companies because of the low cost/conversion, especially when “view-through” conversions are taken into account. According to Google, “a view-through conversion occurs when a user views (but doesn’t click) an image or rich media ad, and then later completes a conversion.”  This benefits the advertiser, if they are using the cost per click payment method, because they are getting a conversion without paying for it.

Some company’s have hesitated to try remarketing whether; it’s due to a lack of knowledge or the uneasiness of trying something that’s new to them. Remarketing ads are like the “open” sign in front of a business store that reminds people driving up and down the street that your company is ready for their business.

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