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Remarketing is one of the hottest ways to reach a target audience. With remarketing, you can laser-target web users who have been to your site, browsed content or products, and maybe even abandoned shopping carts or application forms. Learn expert remarketing tips and tricks, and show users what they’re missing with a gentle nudge back to your website.

July 1 2013

Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) Now Open to All Advertisers


We recently announced that Google released Dynamic Remarketing to all Google AdWords advertisers. In addition, the advertising platform has opened Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) to all advertisers as well within its new Enhanced Campaigns.

With Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, advertisers can show search ads on to their past website visitors based on their activity. RLSA campaigns combine a user’s search intent with an advertiser’s remarketing audience lists. With this new feature, advertisers are able to tailor maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids, ad creative and keywords based on previous visitors.

For example, someone comes to an advertiser’s website that sells laptops and this visitor browses a selection of laptops and does not make a purchase. Later, this same visitor is searching for laptop related terms on; the laptop advertiser can choose to bid higher for laptop terms and even change the ad copy for this specific person based on the fact that the visitor has already been to the laptop advertiser’s website.

RLSA campaigns work very well with products or services that have a longer conversion funnel where searchers may conduct several queries or do some price comparison before ultimately converting.

December 10 2012

Last-minute SEM Tactics to Target Online Holiday Shoppers


The holidays are quickly approaching and you may be strategizing on new tactics to increase sales before the year ends. Below are several strategies for Google AdWords that don’t require too much heavy lifting so, that you can implement before the online shopping season ends.

  • Google Shopping: Implement Product Listing Ads to appear in Google Shopping search results. If you have a Merchant Center account already created, sync it to AdWords and create a new campaign to target all products.
  • Offer Ad Extensions: Enable offer extensions for last minute promotions. Works great with Green Monday (December 10th) and/or Free Shipping Monday (December 17th) and can be used both online and in brick and mortar locations.
  • Automated Rules: Just because your ecommerce store is open 24/7 does not mean you need to be awake and working 24/7. Create automated rules to enable and pause those free shipping and discounted promotions you’re offering.
  • Remarketing: Create remarketing campaigns to target users who come to your site but don’t complete a transaction. Studies have shown that 70% of users place items in their shopping cart but abandon the site without finishing the sale. Target your ads to these users to ensure that you’re not leaving transactions on the table.
September 4 2012

Use Remarketing to Target Viewers of Your YouTube Videos


Many advertisers implement Remarketing to bring back website visitors who have abandoned their shopping carts or may even use the strategy to remind visitors to fill out a lead generation form. A new way to reach your niche audience is to target users who have watched your YouTube videos or your videos embedded on other sites such as Facebook.

Once one of your videos begins to play, a tracking pixel is activated and you will have the ability to create different user remarketing lists per video, which will allow you to show specific banner or text ads to the watchers, based on the video that was played. For example, if you have many different videos on your YouTube channel and one specific video covers PPC optimization techniques; you can show banner ads with the PPC optimization techniques to the audience that watched the same video. This remarketing technique allows you to show banner ads to viewers who may have watched your YouTube ad, but may have never been to your website.

To set up the tracking pixel, you must sync your AdWords account to your YouTube channel account. From there you can create new remarketing lists and use these lists for targeting your banner or text ads.

Advertisers have seen similar cost-per-acquisitions (CPA) for YouTube Remarketing as their overall account CPA, while conversion rates tended to be lower, but cost-per-views ranged from $0.15 to $0.25.

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