Rich Ads In Search (RAIS)

German Parra - February 17, 2012

Every day the major search engines keep trying to push the envelope on ways to enhance the performance of your search ads, coming up with information that you could display to engage users.  It’s for this reason that Yahoo and Bing are re-introducing a new and better Rich Ads In Search (RAIS).

RAIS will incorporate richer elements into your search ads, attracting more users and hopefully increasing your click through rate. Such elements will include extra links to different pages on your site, forms, images, and even videos.

With these kinds of elements being displayed within the real state of your ads, there is no doubt that you will be displaying more relevant information, as well as a better user experience. Also, you will be able and engage your target audience right from the search environment.

Below, you can see how RAIS was served for a user who was searching for a poker site. Now he/she has the option to click on the ad or watch a video provided by the advertiser without leaving the search results.

At the moment RAIS is still on a beta stage. Also it is only available for branding campaigns and is displayed just on ads on position #1.

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