Score Goals with Google Analytics

MoreVisibility - February 9, 2007

You know you have a quality website. You have a great Google AdWords campaign running. You sell great products or services at competitive prices. You even offer Free Shipping, or 20% off! So why is it that you can’t ultimately get enough potential customers to buy your products, or use your services?

With Google Analytics, you can determine exactly what is happening in the purchasing or checkout process, and see the exact page(s) where your potential customers are leaving your website. You can then begin to figure out what you need to change on your website. For example, let’s say you have a very large order form that spans multiple pages. Or, let’s say you only take one or two different credit cards. You will be able to see when your potential customers are leaving your website, and determine the reasons.

Google Analytics doesn’t stop there. Not only does it easily integrate with your current Google AdWords account, you can view over 100 different reports. Want to see which country most of your customers are coming from? Which keywords are being clicked on the most? What time of day you’re receiving the most traffic? Not a problem at all.

The days of taking blind stabs in the dark are officially over. With Google Analytics, you can make accurate determinations as to what you need to do to ultimately increase your revenue and the success of your online advertising efforts.

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