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July 3 2013

Google Introduces Review Extensions


Google has added a new ad extension format called Review Extensions, saying that they are a way for advertisers to incorporate positive endorsements, ratings, or awards from reputable third party sites. The reviews will be scrutinized to confirm their validity and must comply with AdWords policies.

The Review Extension within the ad will link to the third party site, where there must be a reference to the review. Clicks from the Review Extension will not be charged to the advertiser.

Google said that in two rounds of testing, they saw a 10% lift in click-through rate across 250+ advertisers and 50 million impressions.

Review Extensions differ from Seller Rating Extensions in that Seller Rating Extensions are reviews from the advertiser’s customers. Review Extensions should be from publications or other third party reputable sites.

Review Extensions are available via Beta globally, in English only. In order to implement the Beta, advertisers must contact their AdWords representative. There is a 67 maximum character limit for Review Extensions, which includes the name of the publication.

Below is a screen shot that Google provided of a text ad with Review Extensions.

July 1 2013

Google Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) Now Open to All Advertisers


We recently announced that Google released Dynamic Remarketing to all Google AdWords advertisers. In addition, the advertising platform has opened Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) to all advertisers as well within its new Enhanced Campaigns.

With Remarketing Lists for Search Ads, advertisers can show search ads on to their past website visitors based on their activity. RLSA campaigns combine a user’s search intent with an advertiser’s remarketing audience lists. With this new feature, advertisers are able to tailor maximum cost-per-click (CPC) bids, ad creative and keywords based on previous visitors.

For example, someone comes to an advertiser’s website that sells laptops and this visitor browses a selection of laptops and does not make a purchase. Later, this same visitor is searching for laptop related terms on; the laptop advertiser can choose to bid higher for laptop terms and even change the ad copy for this specific person based on the fact that the visitor has already been to the laptop advertiser’s website.

RLSA campaigns work very well with products or services that have a longer conversion funnel where searchers may conduct several queries or do some price comparison before ultimately converting.

June 26 2013

Google Releases Dynamic Remarketing to All Advertisers


Google AdWords has released Dynamic Remarketing to all advertisers with Merchant Center accounts. Previously Dynamic Remarketing was only available through limited Beta.

What is Dynamic Remarketing? Dynamic Remarketing allows ecommerce advertisers with Google Merchant accounts the ability to remarket to users who have been to their website and re-engage them by showing banner ads with images of the actual products the visitor looked at. Google uses product images from an advertiser’s Merchant account to populate the products on the banners. In addition, advertisers can customize the banners to their brand by editing the colors and designs and even add their brand’s logo.

In order to implement Dynamic Remarketing, an advertiser must have a Google Merchant account as well as add remarketing code throughout their website.

Dynamic Remarketing ads are more engaging to past website visitors because they show the exact products that the visitor was viewing.

Below is a screen shot that Google provided of Dynamic Remarketing banner ads.

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