Top 4 SEM Tips from Our April 10 Workshop with Google

Serina Fignole - May 10, 2018

On April 10, 2018 MoreVisibility, alongside Google product experts, hosted another successful live event that brought South Florida marketers the latest information and tips to improve their digital strategies. In case you weren’t able to attend, here are the top 4 SEM ideas from the workshop:

#1 Marketers should consider Assistance as a new marketing frontier.

Today, customers are more empowered in their digital experiences than ever because they can navigate life from the palm of their hands, make decisions on the fly, and get more done. With heightened empowerment, comes heightened expectations for every single experience people have with your brand.  Customers expect to be assisted everywhere. That being said, for marketers, the implication is clear – every brand should make sure that its digital strategy is centered around what its customers want and need. This will allow you to be more assistive across the entire customer experience. The more you can align your strategy and keywords with the questions, goals, concerns, etc., they have, the better your potential for success.

#2 When developing a strategic marketing approach, understanding your audience is key.

As stated above, your customers now expect to be assisted everywhere, which means that you need to ensure your brand shows up in these moments. If your brand isn’t there, another brand will be. In order to be there in the right moments, you have to be able to value those moments appropriately. To do so, you should measure and understand the impact of all of your media touchpoints on the user journey, and then be there with useful information whenever the customer wants it. We are aware that every business and industry faces different challenges, metrics, and lenses through which they see the world.  But, understanding the customer’s journey from end-to-end will meaningfully improve a company’s   performance and help maximize customer satisfaction.

#3 Automated signals can help you reach a broader audience.

Your customers respond to brands that understand their needs, and tailor messages and experiences to those needs. Ultimately, this means that marketers should optimize their media for both relevance to the customer, and lifetime value for the brand. This can be a challenge because it requires revisiting your data and audience strategy to ensure you’re building from a base of intentGoogle’s toolbox is loaded with intent signals that you can leverage to create better experiences for your customers and/or deliver far greater value for your brands. For example, Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) in AdWords makes keyword management easier because there are no keywords to maintain. In addition, DSA’s identify traffic that might be interested in your site, so you’re more competitive in upper funnel terms that you may not be buying.

#4 Attribution should not only focus on the end touchpoint.

In the past, advertisers could only analyze one small part of the customer path – their final touchpoint. However, invaluable insights emerge when you are able to look beyond the final touchpoint and at the entire user journey. Cross Domain Tracking is a great solution because it makes it possible for Google Analytics to connect sessions on two related sites into a single session. In addition, it allows you to understand how users navigate through your web properties so you’re able to see a complete user journey.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the experts at MoreVisibility for assistance.

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