Small Business Marketing – Challenges

Ron Dinger - December 30, 2008

In a recent survey of small business owners by the Yellow Pages Association, more than half of the respondents said that generating new customers is an ongoing challenge, and over two-thirds don’t currently outsource their marketing duties and handle everything in-house. Other challenges included: limited advertising budgets, lack of marketing knowledge (where to advertise and how to measure results), and customer retention. 


With the abundance of marketing channels and the overall lack of marketing knowledge, the responses in this survey are not at all surprising.  I am pretty confident that the challenges are even more profound in the online marketing arena. Each of these small business owners has unique issues, but the right marketing mix is attainable with proper guidance. What surprises me is that a lot of small business owners have identified issues with their marketing efforts, but haven’t raised their hands for professional consultation from an expert. In many cases, these businesses may need some simple pointers to get on the right track to acquire new customers, improve retention rates and in many cases the outsourcing costs are well worth the investment.

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