Spotted: New Ad Format and Extensions on Bing

Anne Garcia - July 26, 2012

Microsoft adCenter has been working tirelessly to release updates for its advertising platform in order to increase usability throughout its interface as well as stay on the same playing field as Google AdWords.

Last month Google transitioned its Merchant program to Google Shopping and encouraged advertisers to create Product Listing Ad (PLA) campaigns. Now some users are starting to see ad links on that look similar and have the same format of Product Listing Ads. The PLA ads on Bing include a small square image, headline, along with a company name and price of the product and have been shown on the top right hand side of the search engine results page (SERP).

In addition, Bing has added seller review extensions to its paid search ads. Seller reviews are an easy way for searchers to see which ads are from merchants with customer feedback and ratings. What’s more, the seller reviews have an additional line for the paid ad and stand out with yellow stars.

Below is a screen shot with a paid search ad on with seller reviews.

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