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March 2 2012

Use the Ad Preview Tool to Find Your PPC Ads


Don’t search for your pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google and Bing — you may be hurting your keyword click-through-rate (CTR), or even worse, your entire campaign’s performance. While it is understandable to want to see what your PPC ads look like on the search engine results page (SERP), what your ad position is, and even what your competition is doing, many do not know that doing so may weaken their campaign performance.

Every time your ad is shown, both your keyword and ad receive an impression, and although you may not be clicking on your ad — to save yourself that cost-per-click (CPC) — you are hurting your CTR because the ad is shown, but not clicked on. The search engines will think that your ad is not relevant to the search query if its CTR is lower than other ads, and your ad may not be shown as often as it should. In addition, a low CTR can lead to a low quality score, which in turn will lead to a higher average CPC.

What is the solution? Both Google and Bing provide Ad Preview Tools for advertisers to utilize in order to see their PPC ads. The Google Ad Preview Tool works even without having an AdWords account; however, the Microsoft adCenter Preview Tool requires the advertiser to access the tool through the Tools tab within their interface. On the Tools page, select Ad Preview Tool. Next, type a keyword in the keyword box and click the Preview Ads button to see your result on a Bing search results page.

Using an Ad Preview Tool will not affect your PPC campaign performance and will enable you to get a better picture of how your ads will appear on a SERP. The Google Ad Preview Tool allows you to select your location and language as well as device and Google domain. Happy ad searching!

February 10 2012

Google AdWords Sitelinks Get a New Look


Google has introduced a new look to its AdWords Sitelinks by adding a small arrow on the left side of where the sitelinks begin.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that these new sitelinks are currently rolling out everywhere this week.

The screen shot below shows both the old and new look of Google Sitelinks.

Google Sitelinks appear with your ad on, and in some cases across the Google Display Network. Adding sitelinks is free, although you are still charged per click on your ad. They give potential customers more reasons to click on your ad by including additional information within your paid search ad.

Google has expanded ad extensions with Social extensions, Dynamic search ads, location extensions, product extensions, call extensions and seller ratings.  In addition, Google may be introducing additional Ad Extensions in the future.

To enable Sitelinks in your Google AdWords ads, click on the “Ad Extensions” tab within your Campaigns tab.

November 29 2011

Spotted: Google AdWords Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment


Google AdWords has been rolling out new ways for advertisers to use Ad Extensions — from its recent launch of Social Extensions from Google+, to tried and true Sitelinks that give advertisers more innovative ways to link to their website from their AdWords ads.

Most recently, I have seen ads that Google is calling a “Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment”. It looks like there are three ads, but all three ads are tied to one advertiser:

Google AdWords Mega Ad Sitelinks Experiment

Google says that Mega Ad Sitelinks is currently in beta and will only appear when there is only one top ad. Google adds that it is happening to current ads that have Sitelinks already implemented and is predicted to increase click-through rate (CTR).

The Mega Ad Sitelinks ad takes up a majority of real estate on the search engine results page (SERP) and also gives searchers more detailed and specific links. In the example above, the top ad includes information on generic jeep parts, whereas the bottom two ads include ad copy that is specific to jeep softtops and tire carriers for jeeps.

Google AdWords currently also offers the following Sitelinks options: Location, Call and Product Extensions. For more information on AdWords Sitelinks, visit the AdWords Help Center.

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