The Google Revolution Shall be Televised

MoreVisibility - April 10, 2007

Google is becoming a one stop shop for Marketers. Now offering Radio, Print and now TV advertising. But can Google revolutionize the TV commercial industry? “Not likely” says Catherine Holahan from Business Week. Google doesn’t offer in the offline world what it can online. Google online offers the ability to get to a consumer directly and be able to get that consumer to make a purchase or sign up in one sitting. In the offline world Google will be able to service marketers by presenting an ad to the consumer, but how will sales or sign ups be measured offline?
But for me at least Google will offer the opportunity for a marketer to have the ability to do TV advertising along with Radio and Print advertising, not just online adverting. This is really ideal for every marketer and Google is making it easier for everyone. Read more information:
The next article below basically confirms the rumor of Google TV going into beta testing, and the announcement from Google.

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