The Value of Online Coupons

Alexandra Hagler - February 23, 2010

With the ongoing downturn in the economy, consumers have been looking for values and bargains in the purchasing process. Online coupons have become extremely important in marketing almost any product. A dollar amount, percentage off sale or other offers have proved to be attention getters. As you can see in the graph below, many consumers reported new brand awareness, saving money, etc., when finding the coupons or online offers; driving new traffic to these existing markets.

Online Coupon

I see online coupons increasing in popularity as consumers remain thrifty even after the economy has started becoming stronger. Online research is now viewed as an extremely important tool in the purchasing process.

Online coupon blogs and websites are becoming popular as well. These sites are usually set up by the establishment’s name, and what the coupon is trying to sell or promote. You either print out the page, or click on a link where you will be sent to the coupon available for you to print. Another popular set up for the blogs is to include the days of the week that the specials are running.

Establishments should keep their websites up-to-date, with the increasing demand for online searching. Your website is the first impression of your business viewed by consumers, so make the experience user friendly. 

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