The Video Campaign That Blew Me Away

Jill Goldstein - October 9, 2020

Back in May, I gave you five reasons why you should be using YouTube advertising right now. The #1 reason was that people are consuming more content now than ever before. As a mom to a young toddler who’s working from home (WFH), I can tell you that my YouTube consumption has exponentially increased.

Now when I say my YouTube consumption has increased, I’m really saying my son has been watching a lot more Cocomelon and Sesame Street than I would like to admit. That said, he’s not old enough to watch unsupervised so perhaps the correct pronoun is our. In knowing that I’m not alone in the everyday struggle of managing WFH and watching a little one, it got me thinking if other parent’s viewing habits have also changed.

A client of mine is running a YouTube campaign with the goal of gaining some broad awareness that they are hiring. Their open jobs are all entry level in the New Jersey area. With all the unfortunate rise in unemployment due to COVID-19, they really wanted the local community to know that they have open positions and that their jobs are here to stay. Because of this, the video campaign is simply targeting by location. If you are in the target area, you could be served one of their video ads on YouTube.

The campaign has been doing great in all aspects. Awareness, engagement as well as conversions are all favorable. That said, in looking at the placements where these ads were shown, I was simply blown away… Take a look for yourself.

In the above placement report, you can see the top YouTube channels that my client’s ads were shown on sorted by impression. Every single line item is a kid’s channel. At first this was discouraging as I don’t want children viewing our ads, however when seeing all the conversion activity I quickly realized that parents are seeing them. I had a few takeaways from this. First, this was a great reminder to focus on audience rather than content when targeting in YouTube as you never know what users are interested in. Second, if you are looking to get in front of parents in your targeting, YouTube is an excellent place to be – especially right now. Finally, this was confirmation and comforting to know that I’m not alone, and other parents are going through the same struggles as me.

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