The Three, Core Ad Units Available on Amazon Marketing Services

Charlie Scholz - September 28, 2018

For businesses looking to grow revenue from their product catalog, Amazon should not be ignored. Once a business is approved as a vendor or seller, Amazon Marketing Services has three core ad units available. Each is detailed below, along with availability of the ad type for Amazon Vendors and Sellers (details on vendor and sellers available here).

Sponsored Products function like a shopping ad in AdWords, but have keyword targeting like Google Ads Search campaign. Users that search for targeted terms will see a sponsored product at the top of their search results if an advertiser wins the auction. These ad units are widely considered to be the premier ad unit in terms of potential and conversion rate.

Headline Search Ads function like a branded search ad in Google Ads. Users that search for branded or product specific keywords will see a branded banner above search results that features three selected products of the advertiser’s choosing.

Product Display Ads function like a Google Ads Display Network Banner ad. Rather than keywords, you target users based on their shopping interests or target product pages. You can then display an image ad.

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