Tips for Writing and Targeting Holiday Ad Copy

MoreVisibility - December 13, 2007

There are some important things to keep in mind when writing and targeting ads for your holiday campaigns. First, you need to remember that the mentality of shoppers shifts during the holidays; rather than shopping for themselves, they’re more likely to be shopping for other people. This means they will be responsive to different incentives and marketing messages. You need to make sure your writing captures the attention of gift-givers.

There are a number of ways you can do this. First, start by including holiday-related terms in your title and description. More than anything else, this will put you on the same page with your shoppers — they’re both expecting and looking for holiday-themed messages.

Second, make sure you place your ad in front of the right people. If you sell neck ties for example, then it’s likely that most of the year you’ll be targeting men who are shopping for themselves. During the holidays, however, women often buy ties for men as gifts. With popular gender-specific gifts, the shift from one target demographic to another can be dramatic. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Third, segment your campaigns and try different promotions that target different types of shoppers. For example, some shoppers are looking for the best deal possible. You can target these bargain hunters with special discounts and savings. Other shoppers wait until the last minute and have no choice but to select overnight shipping for their purchases. You can target procrastinators by offering crunch-time incentives, such as discounted shipping on last-minute purchases.

And finally, make sure to update your landing pages so they reinforce the offers and promotions you’ve pushed in your ad. This will improve both your quality score and your conversion rate.

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